Preventative Health Care

During your visit we perform a full “head-to-tail” examination.  Examining all of your pet’s major organ systems provides us with the opportunity to make sure your pet is in good health, and free from any medical problems that will affect his/her quality of life.  Bringing your pet in for yearly visits when they are healthy will allow us to pick up subtle changes in your pet’s health before they become a bigger problem, and to be able to intervene!

Our wellness exams are not only looking at your pet, but talking with you as the owner.  We will discuss together your pet’s behavior, diet, exercise habits, and any other questions or concerns that you have about pet.  Together as a team, we will come up with a plan that is best for your pet – including which vaccines they need to stay healthy based on their lifestyle, as well as any preventative care blood work panels that they may need.  Our blood work panels allow us to test for things such as: fecal parasites that can be transmitted to humans, heartworm disease, tick-borne diseases (like lyme disease), and general organ function.  Getting these health screen done when your pet is healthy gives us a baseline as to what is normal for your pet, and will allow us to identify mild changes before your pet starts showing any illness.  The sooner we pick up on a disease process, the easier it is to treat!  It is important to us that you are involved in all the decisions regarding your pet’s health, and that is why we focus so much on education.