We offer a brand new state of the art digital x-ray machine at our practice. We use radiographs to get a better look inside the body at your pet’s major organ systems – such as the heart, lungs, liver, spleen, bladder, intestines, and bones, to help diagnose diseases quickly.  Our x-ray machine takes images of your pet in seconds and displays them on a screen to allow us to evaluate these images immediately.  We can also quickly e-mail these images to specialists if needed for their advice on certain conditions so we can offer your pet the best care available, at the touch of our finger tips.

Radiography is very safe, emitting very low doses of radiation, and non-invasive.  We can typically take radiographs without the need of sedation.  With this technology we are able to diagnose conditions such as tumors, intestinal blockages, broken bones, arthritis, and bladder stones.  Our radiology services are just one way we can combine our expertise with state of the art equipment so we can diagnose diseases quickly and get your pets the care they need.