We offer a variety of soft tissue surgeries, both routine and emergency.  These surgeries include:  lump removal, foreign body removal, bladder stone removal, splenectomy, and gastric dilation and volvulus (bloat), just to name a few.  For smaller skin tags and lumps, we have an electrocautery unit that can be used to remove these growths with local anesthesia, and we also now have a surgical laser for declaws and other surgeries where a laser is indicated.

Our knowledgeable staff can answer any questions you have about specific surgeries and the recovery process.  Prior to surgery we offer pre-anesthetic blood work that is performed in our own laboratory with immediate results to check your pet’s organ function and clotting to make sure they will be safe under anesthesia.  During all of our surgeries, an experienced technician will be monitoring your pet’s heart rate, ECG, breathing, and blood pressure.  Your pet will receive fluids through a catheter to help keep their blood pressure stable and also to maintain his/her hydration.  We will keep in touch with you throughout the day to let you know how your pet’s blood work is prior to surgery and how your pet is doing as they recover.  Any soft tissue surgeries that require a specialist or a surgeon to perform them are still something we can offer, as we work with traveling surgeons who are able to provide these surgeries at our facility.  This allows you to seek out further care, without the inconvenience of travel to another hospital, or the inflated cost with being seen at a specialist facility.