During every wellness visit we make sure to discuss with you ways to prevent those pesky parasites from causing a problem in your pet.  There are many types of parasites out there – from intestinal parasites that can cause vomiting and diarrhea in your pet, to ticks carrying lyme disease, and fleas that cause hairloss and itching.  Parasites can be a nuisance, and they can also carry serious diseases that can affect your pet’s quality of life.  Many parasites that infect your pet can even be transmitted to humans!  We want to work with you to make sure we keep your pet parasite free to not only keep them as healthy as possible, but to also make sure that you and your family’s health is not compromised.

Our complete physical exams always include a search for parasites on the skin.  We also offer routine tests that allow us to find parasites that are not visible on exam – such as fecal screening for intestinal parasites and blood tests for heartworm disease and tick-borne diseases.  Although we can find these parasites and treat them when they are found, we strive to prevent parasites before they even become an issue.  There are many types of heartworm, intestinal parasite, and flea and tick preventatives available, so we make sure to discuss your pet’s lifestyle to decide which preventative type works best for you!  We do carry these preventative medications in our hospital as well as on our online pharmacy.