February BLOG – dental health!

Dental health month is here!

February is dental health month – so it’s a great month to celebrate teeth!!  According to the AVMA, by the time our pets are 3 years old – 80% of dogs, and 70% of cats have some form of dental disease.  This statistic is terrible!  They also report that only 1% of pet owners brush their pets’ teeth regularly. Only ONE percent – ugh!

It’s one of the most easily prevented diseases, yet it is so common!  Brushing their teeth just 3 times a week has been proven to make a huge difference in their long-term dental health!  If you compare their dental health to ours, can you imagine not brushing your teeth for weeks?  Months?  Years?  Imagine the amount of tartar and funk that would build up in your mouth.  *Shudder*  Their mouths are NO different – they build up tartar and gingivitis just like we do!

In the spirit of the new year, consider this as a resolution.  Resolve to brush their teeth three times a week – it is simple, takes just a few minutes, and can mean a huge difference for them as they get older!  Dental cleaning can cost $500 or more, depending on if your pet needs teeth removed, or has other damage.  Brushing a few minutes a day can prevent all of that!

Here is a great video with some tips on brushing their teeth – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wB3GIAgrTPE

And if it’s too late, and the tartar is already there, have no fear – talk with your veterinarian about having the teeth evaluated and possibly cleaned to give yourselves a clean slate!  And this month is a great time to do it, since most veterinarians offer discounts – give yours a call to hear more!  Happy brushing!