Client Education

Below are just a few great websites with trusted pet information! We feel very strongly about education – so feel free to call the hospital for more information on any topic! We have lots of educational handouts at the hospital, so please ask!

  • Check out and subscribe to our VLOG HERE!

    Subscribe for a behind the scenes look at our hospital, and to follow along with some fun cases!

    Click here to check it out: PRAH’s VLOG!

  • Humorous and Informational Short Videos

    Check out some hilarious short videos with great pet related information with Dr. Andy Roark.

  • Medical or Fun Facts Info Search Topics

    Search for any topic from medical information to fun facts about your pets. Watch some great videos to give you tips on how to trim you pets nails or clean their ears, and much more.

  • In Case of Emergency

    Do you know what to do with your pet if there is an emergency. Check out some of these tips:

  • General Pet Care

    General pet care information from the American Veterinary Medical Association. Find information about traveling with your pet, preventative health care tips, vaccine information, and common pet poisons, and much more!